A Much Wider Perspective on Our Purpose

This morning as I am doing my devotional in my classroom, I look up and notice for the first time in awhile a map that I hung on my wall the first week of school. This is no ordinary map. It has a timeline of world history organized by continent and size of empire (see above photo). It’s actually really cool- and as I glance at it today, I’m struck by how small I am. The United States is such a small blip in the history of the world. And I know God is incredibly purposeful, detailed, specific.

So I know He placed me here purposefully and for specific reasons. He placed me in this location, in my family, in this time period because that’s where He knew my purpose would best be accomplished. Isn’t that insane?! We’re not here by accident. We don’t have the community and influence around us by accident. We’ve not been placed in the most globalized time period by accident.

No, God is too big for that. Nothing is an accident. Which leads me to my overarching question for today: why? What is God doing with me that could only be uniquely done now, in this time period, in this place? How is my life serving Him? How is He using me to expand His kingdom?

Let’s step out of our daily routines and frustrations. Let’s dwell on an impossibly big and wonderful and detailed God. And let’s humbly ask our role. Where do we fall in the midst of this? How can we serve and fulfill His vision for our lives? It’s easy to make our lives all about us- but in reality, it’s all about God. Let’s humble ourselves before Him today.

Because here’s the thing: He is absolutely incredible. He has seen all of human history. He has seen the rise and fall of empires. He has seen His own Son walk the Earth and submissively die for the sins of all the humans who have walked this Earth. It is mind-blowing. It is beyond our ability to understand. Let’s dwell in the mind-blowing nature of an infinite God today.

“What is man that You are mindful of him,
And the son of man that You visit him?
For You have made him a little lower than the angels,
And You have crowned him with glory and honor.

You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands;
You have put all things under his feet,
All sheep and oxen—
Even the beasts of the field,
The birds of the air,
And the fish of the sea
That pass through the paths of the seas.” -Psalm 8:4-8


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