Using Canva in the Classroom

Honestly, if you haven’t checked out Canva yet, what is your life?! You’re totally missing out because this graphic design tool will turn anything you’re making into a beautiful creation. Seriously though, this tool has implications inside AND outside the classroom. You can use it to help your students review for a test AND you can use it to make baby shower invites. It’s that versatile. Here is the non-affiliate link.

So let’s talk classroom. So far I’ve used it in two ways.

  1. As a review tool. The day before the test, I had my students create an infographic of the 5 types of unemployment. There are tons of pre-made templates for students to choose from. They simply over-write the text and add their own images. This was the quietest and most focused I’ve seen my second semester seniors since January.
  2. As a method for displaying their research. While covering the Holocaust, I wanted to give my students the opportunity to conduct further research into the topic of their choice. Check out the full lesson here. Then they displayed their research on a Canva infographic and shared it with me. Check out an awesome sample below.

Canva Holocaust Student Sample

I’m sure there are a million more uses for Canva and I’m just scratching the surface here- but check it out and you’ll instantly see the potential. I promise.

With love,

Mrs. P

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