Dear New Teacher, here’s how You Can Start Prepping over the Summer

First of all, congratulations to all of the new teachers out there who just graduated their credential programs and found out they’ve been hired for next school year! You’ve worked hard, gotten your feet wet, and are likely a mixture of extreme excitement and debilitating fear. If you’re the latter, head on over to my last blog post for some encouragement.

Although I wholeheartedly believe that teachers should thoroughly enjoy their summers off, I also know that if you put in a little time now, it’ll make a big difference once school begins. So, here are a few practices I employ every summer to make my future life just a bit easier.

Strategy #1: Use Pinterest for decorating & organizing inspo. You know, once all your friends have full time jobs, the summer can get a little…boring (after awhile). Certainly not at first, but give it a month. Use some of that free time to get inspired. Scrolling through Pinterest and creating inspiration boards is a productive use of your time. You can create boards on organization, classroom decor, lessons, personal finance, meal prep, etc. It’s an excellent place to keep all of your ideas because it’s easy to access. Anything can be found on Pinterest- consider it research!

Strategy #2: Keep an eye out for sales and deals on school supplies or classroom decor. When you’re window shopping at Michael’s or visiting Target for the 3rd time this week, check out the sales and clearance sections. See what you can get on the cheap to help you decorate your classroom or create excellent organization systems. Thinking these things out ahead of time will save much heartache once the school year begins.

Strategy #3: Start building out a rough sketch of your units. I’ve done a longer series on my exact process for this, but just know that if you look at the standards and create a road map for yourself, it’ll keep your units balanced and your stress level reduced.

Strategy #4: Write your ideas down as you have them. An excellent lesson idea pops into your head. A genius method for organizing files runs through your mind. Write it down!! I keep a small notebook with me where I keep track of these brilliant ideas and they save me so much time later on.

Strategy #5: Rest well to prepare yourself for the year. Actually rest and take it seriously. Once the school year begins, you’ll be hustling, friend. Really, truly hustling. Teaching is a wild ride, especially that first year. So prepare yourself. Take care of yourself. You (and your students) will thank you later.

Want more? Check out my new ebook, New Teacher Survival Guide. To stay in the loop about my e-book and get weekly encouragement/strategies/freebies, sign up for my newsletter. It’s awesome.

With love,

Mrs. P

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