My Top 5 Favorite Back to School Resources from My Shop

Back to school season is busy. Obviously. This year especially, I felt so pressed for time that I was getting stressed. I like to plan out my entire semester as much as possible to reduce my stress during the year. While I managed to “map out” my content and skills using Planbook, I still don’t have my daily lessons fleshed out for every single subject I teach.

Since I teach World History, US History, AND Econ, that’s kind of a tall order anyways. But what can I say- I’m one of those Type A teachers.

Anyways, in case you’re in the same boat, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite “life saver” resources from my TpT shop in case you’re in need of a little help with Back to School season.

AND if you’re a brand new teacher, I’ve got a few resources that might save you a lot of time, energy, stress, and tears. I know they did for me. In fact they’re the accumulation of my wisdom from my first few years of teaching.
New Teacher Survival Guide for Secondary Social Studies Teachers
Teacher Productivity Boot Camp Bundle
My most sincere hope is that my resources can bless you in some way, large or small, as you begin your school year.

I’m rooting for you!

With love,
Mrs. P

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