Mrs. P’s Amazon Finds

Greetings Friend!

Welcome to my Amazon Finds! If you’re like me, Amazon is not only bookmarked on your browser, but it’s the first place you go whenever you’re looking for, well, anything. In fact, I’m one of those people who’s constantly buying things on Amazon and then returning the rejects. Because let’s be honest – they’re not all winners. In fact, I’m usually in the process of returning an item or two at any point in time. There’s even a little section of my bedroom designated for the revolving door of Amazon products (just ask my husband…). But when I find something worth keeping, I get excited! So excited that I thought I’ve carve out a place on my website to show you my absolute favorite finds from lifestyle to clothes to teaching must-haves!

Just a quick disclaimer, friends! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All of the links below are affiliate links, which means that I earn a small percentage of your purchase (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for supporting me as I find the best Amazon products out there and share them with you! 🙂

Teacher Must-Haves

1. Procase Surface Pro 6 in Purple

Story: This year I finally got a new laptop after 6 years with my old Asus. I decided to go with the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 because of its versatility in the classroom. However, I quickly discovered that I hated pulling out the back panel every time I wanted to use it as a laptop instead of a tablet. I’m also not the most, ahem, coordinated person in the world and I was worried about dropping it. So I took a chance and ordered this beautiful case.

What I Like: It’s strong, cute, and durable. You can stand the tablet up more easily than pulling out the back panel on the tablet. It has a piece of stretchy fabric that can hold your Surface pen (because let’s be real, I dropped that thing like 10 times the first day alone). Your keyboard can still easily attach and the case holds everything together safely when you close it. I actually liked the Surface a lot more once I bought this.

My Rating: 10/10

2. UTO Women’s Backpack Purse in Brown

Story: Okay, I’m going to be honest. I ordered a lot of backpacks before I found this beautiful teacher backpack. I mean, it’s not specifically designed for teachers, but it fits the bill for me. And my students compliment it all the time which is a huge win for me.

What I Like: My favorite part is the side pockets that fit my smoothie cup and CamelBak. Inside the main pouch I can fit two journals, a small planner, my Surface Pro 6 (with its cover on), my laptop charger, and a few other odds and ends. Inside the main pouch are two smaller hanging pouches that fit my mouse and earphones. And of course along the backside are two zipper pouches for make up, feminine products, etc. There are 3 ways to hold the bag: backpack style, purse style, or bag style (straps for each). Of course, I’m trying to get into the habit of always carrying it backpack style because I’m trying to fix my posture (yeah Mom, you read that right!). Okay, I know that was a lot of description of its features but there are even more pockets in the front (two zipper ones) and a flat hidden one in the back (so you can hide your credit cards or something).

My Rating: 9.5/10 (only docked because I keep scratching myself on the robust zipper)

3. CamelBak Water Bottle in Red

Story: Well, it all started when I lost my purple Camelbak during my bachelorette party in Tahoe. And then my replacement grey Cambelbak with the built in straw developed a weird black growth that I kept washing away but triggered my gag reflex one too many times. And then my replacement blue Camelbak was stolen (no joke) by a student only to be found in the school theatre, only to be lost again. And so I ended up here with my beautiful red Camelbak that I hope I never lose (regardless of my track record).

What I Like: It keeps my water cold, it holds 20oz of water which is great for block periods, and it’s strong enough to take the many times it somehow hits the floor. I like that it doesn’t have the straw because I just can’t take another weird black growth. I can also leave the lid off without losing it since it’s actually attached to the bottle. Win win win.

My Rating: 10/10

For the Classroom

1. 1920’s/Party Decor 

Story: Every year I throw a 1920’s themed Speakeasy party for my junior U.S. History students complete with costumes and sparkling cider. To add an element of fun to the party, I always decorate the classroom so it looks transformed when the students whisper the password and then stride on in. Usually I hand-make a few cheap decorations, but this year I went to Amazon. And, as always, Amazon delivered with these beautiful decorations. My co-worker (who’s my teaching roommate) and I loved them so much that they’re still hanging up months later.

What I Like: They’re easy to hang up and look really classy. The set actually came with quite a few decorations and once it’s hung up it really does transform the room.

What I Don’t Like: Once you make them, they’re kind of hard to unmake and therefore store, which plays into why they’re still up now (even though they actually do look good). They were also hard to put together and it was time consuming- but this didn’t bother me too much because I made my TA do it and then my seniors decorated the room so it wasn’t too labor intensive for me.

My Rating: 8/10

For the Home

1. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker in Rhubarb

Story: Let me tell you a little secret about me: I hate mundane tasks. I just read that it’s a millennial thing so don’t judge too harshly. You know what’s a really mundane task? Cleaning the coffee grounds out of a coffee maker and putting new ones in (it annoys me even when I use a filter). I also don’t like waiting for my tea to boil in a pot. Enter: the Keurig. I’ve wanted one for years but was waiting until we paid back our student loans (hallelujah!).

What I Like: It’s everything I hoped and dreamed. Seriously. It keeps your water warm for hours, it makes coffee and tea really fast and guess what? There. Is. No. Cleanup. And friends, it’s red. So cute. And here’s a hot tip: to save on k-cups tell everyone in your family that you want k-cups for Christmas. I haven’t bought any this year so far because of my haul 😉

My Rating: 10/10

2. Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection Sample

Story: Before the Christmas haul, I had to get started on the k-cups so I ordered these babies to out a bunch of flavors and see what I liked. It turns out that they were (almost) all delicious. And great variety!

What I Like: It was honestly really fun to just reach in and see what I got every day. And some of the flavors were pretty diverse as well as delicious.

My Rating: 9.5/10 (because I just wish they were all dark roast)

3. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Story: Protein powder usually makes me gassy (TMI?). Yet I work out all the time so protein powder helps me get enough servings of protein while helping me build up my tiny (yet mighty) muscles. So I searched and tried all kinds of things. The problem was usually that it either upset my stomach or was not actually good for me. Enter: Orgain.

What I Like: It’s delicious. I eat it every morning in a fruit smoothie (chocolate flavor), but it can also be combined with water and still taste really good. I also use the vanilla one with oatmeal. I make 5 oatmeal mixtures on Sunday and keep them in the fridge. It’s just water, Orgain, peanut butter, and a pinch of salt. When I microwave it for my afternoon snack, people always ask me what it is (because it looks gross but smells yummy). Anyways, it doesn’t hurt my stomach and it helps keep me full while building my muscles up!

My Rating: 10/10


Alright folks! That’s what I have for now, but don’t worry- I’ll let you know when I add to this epic list. Upcoming: clothing, make up, and board games! Leave any requests in the comments.

With love,

Mrs. P