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On this page you’ll find a comprehensive list of my resources with links to the products on TpT. It’s broken down into 5 main categories in this order: Economics, World History, US History,  Teacher Productivity Boot Camp, & New Teacher Resources! Happy shopping!


Unit One: Foundations & Fundamentals of Economics

  1. Intro to Economics: the 7 Principles of Economics Lesson
  2. Sunk Cost Scenarios & PSA-Inspired Economics Mini Project
  3. Factors of Production Economics Lesson
  4. Production Possibilities Frontier (PPF) Economics Lesson
  5. Economics Systems & the Zombie Apocalypse Economy
  6. Tragedy of the Commons & Command Economies Lesson
  7. Market & Mixed Economies & the Wealth of Nations Economics Lesson
  8. “I, Pencil” Essay Economics Lesson
  9. Foundations & Fundamentals of Economics Unit Exam
  10. Foundations & Fundamentals of Economics Unit Bundle (includes ALL lessons for this unit as listed above!)

Unit Two: Supply & Demand

  1. Consumerism & Ethics Economics Lesson
  2. Economics Entrepreneur Tank Project for the Supply & Demand Unit
  3. The Demand Curve (4 Day Economics Lesson)
  4. The Supply Curve (2-3 Day Economics Lesson)
  5. Supply Meets Demand (2 Day Economics Lesson on Market Equilibrium)
  6. Price Controls Lesson & Minimum Wage Debate
  7. Supply & Demand Unit Exam 
  8. Supply & Demand Unit Bundle (includes ALL lessons for this unit as listed above!)

Unit Three: Markets, Businesses, & Labor

  1. 4 Market Structures Economics Lesson
  2. Business Organizations & Entrepreneurship Economics Lesson
  3. Unions Economics Lesson
  4. Stock Market Simulation Economics Project
  5. Labor & Wages Economics Lesson
  6. Market Failures Mini Lesson
  7. Markets, Businesses, & Labor Unit Exam
  8. Markets, Businesses, & Labor Unit Bundle (includes ALL lessons for this unit as listed above!)

Unit Four: Macroeconomics & Economic Indicators

  1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) & Standard of Living Economics Lesson
  2. Unemployment Rate & Types Economics Lesson
  3. Inflation Economics Lesson
  4. Business Cycle Economics Lesson
  5. Free Trade & the Global Economy Economics Lesson
  6. Monetary & Fiscal Policy Research-Based Economics Lesson
  7. Macroeconomics & Economic Indicators Unit Exam
  8. Macroeconomics & Economic Indicators Unit Bundle (includes ALL lessons for this unit as listed above!)

All 4 Economics Unit Bundles Bundle! (includes ALL 4 units as listed above!)

Ultimate Economics Semester Bundle (includes ALL Econ resources)

Econ Extras!

  1. Socratic Seminar Materials for the Economics Classroom
  2. Economic Naturalist Essay Materials
  3. In Debt We Trust Student Viewing Guide (Credit Cards & Lending Practices)
  4. Economics Personal Finance Budgeting Project
  5. Consumerism Photo Collage Economics Mini Project
  6. QR Code Economics Final Semester Review
  7. Economics Final Exam & Review Packet
  8. FREEBIE: Globalization Economics Lesson
  9. FREEBIE: Incentives in Advertising Worksheet

World History

  1. Why History Matters Escape Room- Inspired First Week Activity
  2. Family & Personal History Project
  3. Rise to Power Simulation for Introducing Hitler, Dictators, & WWII
  4. SMART Goal Setting, Check-Ins, & Reflection for Secondary Students
  5. New Imperialism Trifold Museum Project
  6. Cold War (March) Madness Unit Project
  7. Holocaust Inquiry Creative Project using Canva
  8. All Quiet on the Western Front Student Movie Guide & Reflection Activity
  9. The Sunflower Socratic Seminar Resources

US History

Thematic Unit One: Founding Documents

  1. Founding Docs: Articles of Confederation Debate
  2. Founding Docs: Constitution & Declaration of Independence Lessons
  3. Founding Docs: Bill of Rights Lessons & Project
  4. Founding Docs: Critical Thinking Quiz
  5. Founding Docs: Critical Thinking Exam
  6. Founding Documents Unit Bundle (includes ALL lessons for this unit as listed above!)

Thematic Unit Two: Executive Branch

  1. Executive Branch: Presidents Introductory Lesson
  2. Executive Branch: Webquest & Washington Podcast
  3. Executive Branch: American Presidents Project!
  4. Executive Branch: Changing Role of the Modern American President
  5. Executive Branch: Critical Thinking Exam
  6. Executive Branch Unit Bundle (includes ALL lessons for this unit as listed above!)

Thematic Unit Three: The American Economy (Coming Soon!)

General US History Resources

  1. Progressive Era Photo Collage Mini Project
  2. Insta-Past! An Instagram-Inspired Timeline
  3. Student Listening Guide for the Washington Post’s Presidential Podcast
  4. US History Teach a Topic Final Project
  5. FREEBIE: US History Thematic Curriculum Map with Common Core Standards
  6. FREEBIE: World War II Museum Project
  7. FREEBIE: The Great Depression Introductory Lesson
  8. FREEBIE: Amendments to the Constitution Mini Project

Teacher Productivity Boot Camp

  1. FREEBIE: Part One: Obstacles to Productivity
  2. Part Two: Why You’re Not Getting Anything Done
  3. Part Three: Organizing Your Classroom
  4. Part Four: Habits of Highly Productive Teachers
  5. Part Five: Maximizing Your Prep Period
  6. Part Six: Grading Efficiently
  7. Part Seven: Lesson Planning Efficiently
  8. Part Eight: The Why & How of Self Care
  9. Teacher Productivity Boot Camp Bundle (includes ALL modules listed above!)

New Teacher Resources

  1. New Teacher Survival Guide for Secondary Social Studies Teachers e-book (faith-based approach to teaching)
  2. Beginning of the Year Materials